Holiday Season 2021, Issue 65

What did I write last year? About the slow march from March 13 to December 25. I was hopeful that we would have a sense of normalcy by Christmas 2021. Mid-way through November, I remained hopeful. It looked like we would get to England for a couple of weeks and come back for a family Christmas.

Then, A New Variant discovered in South Africa!

Omicron means “little O” compared to “great O” as in Omega. Well, Omicron has caused a big mess. I hope we never see an Omega variant. It promises a “greater” mess? 

I cancelled our trip to England. The size of our holiday celebration has dwindled. We planned for 16 people and we are now down to five. Maybe this wild-fire COVID19 variant will burn out so that we make Paris at the end of February. I think any plans for Bordeaux are shot. 

There is much material to write a diatribe about the lack of real political leadership which has caused this outbreak to be worse than needed. But, I have spent too much time being angry and frustrated. And, there will be time for that in the New Year.

So Some Suggestions for this Holiday season:

Enjoy the outdoors
  • Don’t watch too many newscasts. All day news does nothing but raise anxiety levels. We can get all the information we need from one news show a day.
  • Dispense with the analysis. Analysts don’t thrive on making people feel better but on feeding paranoia. 
  • We all know – well, most of us know – what we should be doing. Masks, fewer contacts, get all of the vaccine doses offered, avoid crowds, used rapid testing. 
  • Get outside. Walk! Bring a thermos of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to enjoy on a park bench or sitting on a snowbank. In a warmer climate – adjust activities!
  • Smile and be kind! It is too easy to be mad! 


Oysters – taste the sea

Contribute to the charities of your choice and only then…

  • Buy and, more importantly, drink Champagne
  • Splurge on better wine – it is such a shame to waste calories on bad wine
  • Don’t think turkey – think oysters, lobster, crab, shrimps, smoked salmon
  • Think roast beef with foie gras
  • Roast your potatoes in duck fat ….. black or white truffles anyone? or fresh and fragrant Rosemary?
  • Get fabulous cheese. If you can find it, buy Mascarpone Gorgonzola – very decadent
  • Prepare and deliver care boxes to those who should be celebrating with you in person 
  • Oh! and drink champagne with breakfast!


I don’t know about you, but I still feel guilty just crashing in front of the TV but I feel so good after “losing” an afternoon doing just that, so:

  • Take an afternoon nap
  • Indulge a guilty pleasure such as watching television sports or bad movies or whatever, as long as it isn’t illegal
  • Wear out your TV subscriptions
  • Get to bed early, get up late
  • And don’t forget the champagne

Holiday Season 2021

Don’t Forget the Chanmpagne

With apologies to the poets in the family: 

It is to easy to be sad or mad

As Omicron has stolen all our fun

Lets make an effort to be glad

And enjoy Holiday Season 2021. 

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