I Hate Tim Horton’s!

Since I don’t have a category for things I don’t like, I am sticking this here. I hate Tim Horton’s! Why do so many Canadians like this horror show of a – ummm – I am not sure. Is it a coffee and donuts shop? A sandwich place! Oh, I think they now have all-day breakfast.

Poor Dog!

Awful Coffee

The coffee is just awful. I think they jack in extra caffeine to get people addicted to its tasteless dishwater. The chain mass produces all of its baked goods at some factory kitchen and then ships frozen product to the outlets for cooking of some kind. If you have ever tasted a Tim’s donut side-by-side with one of its muffins, you get the same stodgy, baking powder, fat-laced taste. Hate your co-workers, bring Tim donuts and TimBits to work. Really hate them – bring coffee too!

Bland – Best Possible Compliment for the Food

The sandwiches show off a complete lack of quality ingredients and blandness. Tasteless, probably refrigerated tomatoes with bargain basement ham or chicken served on a tasteless, gummy bun. The bagels – well that is what they call them – are just plain yech!! On one occasion, I made the mistake of ordering soup . The main ingredient – corn starch. Just a gooey mess. Bland would be an undeserved compliment.


Tim Horton’s outlets are filthy. Their bathrooms have always smelt of urine! And now, there is just dirt everywhere! The counters, tables, and floors look like they have never been cleaned. The windows are grimy. There is no shine or sparkle. I hate to think what the out-of-sight food prep area looks like. 

Many in the Peanut Gallery will not Agree

Now, I can hear the chirping. Food snob! Well, I am quite happy to stop at McDonald’s. Their coffee is MUCH better and while I avoid much of the menu, I can always find something tasty. And really, there is only one place for a fast-food breakfast sandwich. I like the Green Spot in St-Henri – the ultimate greasy spoon. My advice – find a local café where the owners are committed to quality and good taste. Often these small, locally-owned restos are less expensive, serve better coffee and food, and the best of them are spotless. Plus there is the pleasure of supporting local businesses.

Support local businesses!

Tim’s has 4300 outlets in Canada and I just don’t get it. I hate Tim Horton’s. 

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