Restaurant Graziella  is my favourite place for lunch in Old Montreal. I really enjoy the atmosphere. I relax immediately whether I am alone or with a larger number of people.


The lunch menu is kept to four or five appetizers, a similar number of mains, and a couple of choices for desert. The basic prix fixe menu runs at about $33.00. Add an excellent wines available by the glass. When I go, I always hope that the tortellini in brodo  is available . The hyperlink above shows one day’s selections.

La Cena

At dinner, choices are limited to three or four more elaborate selections of antipasti, primi, secondi, and dolci. This kind of short menu is common in finer restaurants in Northern Italy and in France. However, each dish is distinct from every other dish on the menu. By way of example, choices for starter may be:

  • Capon cappelletti, spinach, zucchini and basil pesto, poultry broth
  • Crescenza filled agnolotti, DOP San Marzano tomato sauce
  • Lobster, tomato spaghetti, lobster bisque, cherry tomatoes, herbs

Each of these is very different without many common elements. At nightI have had the Ossobuco, the duck, and the veal chop. All have been standout main courses. 

Wine & Sprits

Featured beverages include Montreal micro-brewery beers and a good selection of cocktails. The wine list is extensive with excellent selections at every price point. Again,  you can choose to have just a glass, or three: a sparking to start the evening, a white with the primi, and a red with the secondi. Maybe a grappa or a limoncello to finish the evening. 

I really enjoy the atmosphere at Graziella. I find that it is immediately relaxing whether I am alone or with a larger number of people. Graziella has opened an online shop, in part to cope with the losses associated with not being opened for various periods of time during the pandemic. Support local restaurants. 

Restaurant Graziella, 116 rue McGill, Montréal, QC 514-876-0116 or reserve on Open Table

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