Canadian General Election – Issue 57

I did vote NDP!

I have almost always voted Liberal Party of Canada (“Libs” / LPC”). However, I meant to sit out this election in protest. But I will vote – for the New Democratic Party (“NDP”). In hind sight, I should have voted NDP when Tom Mulcair led the party. It was and still is time for a change. 

Canada is 151 years old. The Conservative Party of Canada (“CPC” / “Tory” / “Tories”)  have held power for about 64 years, the LPC for 86 years. Unfortunately, Canada does not have a serious Green Party option. The Bloc Québecois is really a single issue party – advocating Québec independence from within the federal government. The Peoples Party of Canada (“PPC”) – anti-immigrant, anti-environment, pro-gun – a fringe party on the far right.

Issue Number One, The Environment:

The Liberal TV commercial that paints the Tories taking Canada backward resonates on this issue. More pipelines across BC, more support for the oil and gas industry, and unwinding carbon pricing make no sense. We cannot afford to stop making progress on environmental issues. 

In Québec, the Tories support Legault’s multi-billion dollar tunnel under the Saint Lawrence River from Levis to Québec City. The this tunnel could dump another 40,000 cars a day onto tight Québec City streets, a UNESCO heritage site. For a party trying to hone its environmental image, how does this make any sense? The NDP and Liberals would support a mass transit link only. 

The Liberals have a strong platform but need the courage to take progressive action. I think that the NDP has the courage to act and will push the Liberals on the environment.

Any voter that considers the environment the number one issue in this election MUST NOT VOTE CONSERVATIVE.


Planet Earth in 2050?

Better Fiscal Management Argument 

The CPC promises better fiscal management. Well, anyone would provide better fiscal management than the current government but, frankly, history leads me to believe any improvement would be marginal. 

I was 13 when Lester Pearson became Liberal prime minister in 1963. Since that time the Tories have run three budget surpluses to the Liberals ten. The first two of these Tory surpluses, Harper inherited from the Chretien / Martin Liberals who ran a staggering nine budget surpluses in a row. This after inheriting  a Trudeau / Mulroney mess! After deducting the two Chretien / Martin surpluses,  the Tories own one skinny budget surplus of their own since 1950 – the first since before WW II. 

The Louis St-Laurent Liberals (1948-1957) reduced the per capital National Debt 32% while expanding social programs. Historically, Conservative budget management has been a shambles. Don’t believe me? Do the research for yourself. 

The Two Story Factor

A problem I have with Erin O’Toole. He is kind of tough on guns in urban centres and in the Quebec; not so tough in rural areas and the West. He says he doesn’t like Québec’s Bill 21 but will do nothing about it. He is a bended knee to every popular Premier supporting their various policies even when contradictory. He will do anything for Québec’s François Legault.

Why not the Liberals? 

The main reason I cannot support the Liberals is Justin Trudeau. He does have some admirable qualities such as his willingness to oppose popular provincial politicians on policy and his toughness. But the hypocrisy! No pipeline or buy a pipeline? Will we ever really know what happened with Jody Wilson-Raybould? Does he really support strong women? What did he do at the Kokanee Summit Festival when he was 29? What did happen with WE? He likes the moral high ground but does he deserve it?

Why the NDP?

  1. The NDP brought us our most loved social program, Medicare via Saskatchewan. It remains  a central issue for them to improve and expand services across the country. 
  2. Good environmental policy
  3. The best affordable housing program
  4. Jagmeet Singh 

I think that it is time for a real change. I did vote NDP. 

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