Le Gourmand, Pointe-Claire

Yes, good restaurants do exist on the West Island of Montreal. Le Gourmand Restaurant is a jewel. Located in the heart of Pointe-Claire Village, it occupies a circa 1850 stone house registered in the Québec National Archives as  “La Maison Pierre-Demers”. The current owners acquired the property in 1985. They have added an atrium bar area and have created one of the Montréal areas most intimate terraces for outdoor dining, weather permitting. The interior features original stone walls and wood beams with white table cloth service on two levels. 

Original stone walls from circa-1850

The Menu

When I first ate there many years ago, I thought they were trying too hard. A few years later, a couple of devotees convinced me to go back.  I am really happy that they did. Le Gourmand has found has found its groove. Starters include excellent soups, homemade gnocchi, and various salads. I like the crab cakes, crispy and hot served with a house avocado aioli. The possibility of having tomato juice as a starter is a throwback to the $1.24 lunch time specials available in Montreal in the early ‘70’s . 

French classics such as bœuf bourguignon, filet mignon with pepper sauce, Thai-style salmon, and blackened Arctic char with legumes provide diners with variety. The restaurant remembers that it serves a neighbourhood so also offers an excellent roast beef sandwich and, usually, a mussel option. The French Fries are worth the calories. Serving sizes ensure that no visit to McDonalds will be necessary but do allow enough room for dessert or a cheese course. I prefer the cheese option that features Québec-made delicacies. New world and old world  wines share equal space on the wine list. There are good selections available at reasonable prices. 

Crab cake with a beautiful seared scallop


The wait staff have served at the restaurant for a long time. They treat the many regulars with just the right degree of irreverence. Newcomers get real white glove treatment. However, the newcomers often become regulars and get to enjoy the irreverence. When they visit, my relatives from London, England always ask to go back to Le Gourmand. 


Plan a first visit when it is not too cold. Take a walk down by St-Joachim Church and through the Village and then go for dinner. RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST!! Call days ahead if you want to sit in the Atrium or the terrace. Le Gourmand Restaurant is a jewel.

COVID-19: Takeout service   is available Wednesday through Sunday. Click on the link for details. 

42, av Sainte-Anne, Pointe-Claire, QC, H9S 4P8 (514) 695-9077

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