Good Bye LinkedIn, Issue 72

Good Bye LinkedIn! This will be my shortest ever newsletter.

I have terminated my LinkedIn membership. This morning I saw a post that quoted True North as an unbiased and reliable news source. Really? And the I lost respect for those who gave the post a thumbs up. True North is just another rabbit hole and echo chamber for angry people. What is next? Links to QAnon? Videos of Tucker Carlson? War in the Ukraine? Why not get commentary from RT News. And on the left – and! Before reciting a media source, check its bias and then think again before reciting!

This decision cannot come as a surprise to anyone. I recently wrote a whole newsletter on this dilemma and my decision to stick with LinkedIn. But no more!

So I am gone! No great loss for LinkedIn, I am sure. I will continue on with my web site because I like to write. I know that my opinions may offend readers from time to time but it is my blog! And, I do try do to be even handed and put things in context. I probably fail more often than I would like.

So now, no social media at all. I have found extra time for doing things that won’t depress me. Good bye LinkedIn!

We Should Know Better

August 26, 2023

I know! I am going to sound like a grumpy old man. Maybe that is because I am. I have been scratching my head in wonderment at the Taylor Swift phenomena. Is she an Incredible song writer, composer, and performer? I really don’t know! A discussion for another time? But probably not. At my age […]

Not in My Back Yard

August 4, 2023

Don’t build it! At least, Not In My Back Yard ! I acted as an advisor  in the sale of a beautifully natural, 14-acre urban waterfront estate. Existing zoning allowed for the development of 30 to 35 single-family homes, which after road dedication would leave very little green space. I did not think that was […]

Glasgow – That Dear Green Place

July 31, 2023

We were visiting Glasgow (literally that Dear Green Place in Gaelic) to see where my father was born, grew up, and went to University. Fortunately for me, my cousin John from Australia had just visited and had met with historians, Bruce Downie  and Norry Wilson.  So,  we too arranged to meet them in the Govanhill […]

Vienna on Top Again

June 25, 2023

Vienna on top again. This week both Monocle Magazine and The Economist unveiled their quality of life / most liveable city indexes. There are differences in the way each publication sets its index. So it is even more impressive that once again, Vienna tops both lists. I am a bit lazy today so rather than […]

Large interior courtyards

From Hot Bedding to Superblocks

June 20, 2023

Many Viennese went from hot bedding to superblocks overnight. Could they even imagine  an apartment complex 1000 metres long built along two streets with even more massive landscaped courtyards? Could they conceive of 1400 apartment units built to house 5000 people on 56,000 square metres or 38 acres of land.  Or a vertical build-out that […]

Vienna – the World’s Most Livable City

June 16, 2023

Vienna had been a poor city even before the First World War. “Normal” housing arrangements  meant six to eight people sharing one room and a kitchen. Then, in early 1919, just after the Armistice,  the cost of living tripled in two months. Bed lodgers could no longer afford their 8-hours a day in a shared […]